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The ancient science of Ayurveda is really the art of living wise , as it empowers people to make choices that nurture and sustain balance, wellness, and vitality.
Ayurveda was first recorded in the Veda; composed in Sanskrit, the Vedas texts constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism.
They are believed to be over 3200 years old, and are still in use today.
While it is a very personalized system of medicine, there are simple. insitive and universal guidelines for healthy living. The first principle behind Ayurveda as it relates to food is to eat nature. That may sound simple but walk into an ordinary grocery store and you will be hard  -pressed to find real food - i.e., food that is geown by the forces of sun, soil, wind and water. So, start by eating nature's produce, as fresh  and as close to the source as possible so that it retains its living intelligebce and energy, what we call prana or life force.


Where The Food’s As Good As The Root Beer.

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Thonglor Address
88'Eight Thonglor Building , 1st floor Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor soi 8)Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana,
Bangkok, Thailand 10110
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